Hi.<BR>K, not too experienced in client side js so this might be an easy one.<BR>I have a function that is *supposed* to loop through the images collection and change some .src for certain ones. The result in IE is as I would expect it, but in NN it changes the one before the one I would expecct. I was thinking maybe the different clients store the images a different way or something... here is the function:<BR>//---------------------------------------------------<BR>//*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*<BR> function ChangeFolderIcon(ImgId){<BR> //*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*------*<BR> if (document.images){<BR> var ImgCount = document.images.length;<BR> //this is getting the number of ALL the images, I only want the folder count<BR> //I can achieve this later by filtering the names by int or Str<BR> for (i=0; i&#060;ImgCount; i++){<BR> if (document[i]){<BR> if (document[i].name !== ImgId){<BR> document[i].src = FolderClosedImg.src;<BR> }<BR> }<BR> }<BR> document[ImgId-1].src = FolderOpenImg.src<BR> }<BR> }<BR>//---------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>And here is the page it is being used in:<BR>http://k2dis.com/examplesandhelp/tree.asp (left side)<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas here? Also, I thought I would ask you this one as well.<BR><BR>For this function, I need to loop through all the *Folder* &#060;img&#062;s not *all* the images in the whole document. Anyone have any ideas of a smart way to do this? I would explain my idea, but it&#039;s too stupid ;) I&#039;m sure there are better ones out there...<BR><BR>TIA-<BR><BR>Steve<BR><BR><BR>