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    I have been programming with ASP for about a year now and have read many articles as well as WROX Active Server Pages 2.0, but have never found an answer to this question: Is there an advantage to using a ADODB.Connection, then ADODB.Recordset or just us ADODB.Recordset...I very rarely use the Connection object. Is this good, bad or of any importance? I can see when one object may have a property or method you may want to use that is not availalbe to other connection objects, but beyond that...?? Along the same lines, is there a "best" method for using various cursors or locktypes?? Any opinions or help would be most welcome!<BR><BR>Scott Smith<BR>ssmith@idyllwild.com

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    Using a connection is good if:<BR><BR>a) You want to open and manipulate multiple recordsets through the same connection.<BR>b) What a little more error trapping. The Recordset object has no error property.<BR>c) I could be wrong, but I think that you can&#039t move backwards in a recordset defined without a connection. You can only get forward-looking. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I think I read something about that.<BR><BR>I&#039m sure there are more reasons than these, but these are some big ones.<BR><BR>-Joe

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