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    I have created a DLL Component in VB for checking User authentication in a site. I have deployed the component in MTS. The component name is shown in MTS as project1.Books.<BR><BR>I want to pass the username and password from a ASP program to the above component and access the function . How do I do this?

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    &#060;%<BR><BR> &#039we create the object this way<BR>Set objBooks = Server.CreateObject("Project1.Books")<BR><BR> &#039we then set a variable value to the function and<BR> &#039pass the arguments<BR>objMethod = objBooks.functionName(argument1, argument2)<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>* note - you don&#039t have to set the method to a variable<BR>It just allows you to return error codes etc and then check the<BR>variable for that error code, value, etc.<BR><BR>This is just one example of the many ways you can interact<BR>with COM objects in ASP<BR><BR>I hope this helps,<BR>Ian S

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