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    Guys,<BR><BR>I have inherited a style sheet with 30 different styles on it.<BR><BR>Can you think of any way I can apply a stylesheet to an ASP page, which dynamically pulls the name of the style out and applies the style to the name it pulled out.<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>Your styles are:<BR><BR>styleHeadline<BR>styleLevelTwo<BR>styl eBreadcrumb<BR><BR>where the word "styleHeadline" has the style "styleHeadline" applied to it.<BR><BR>I could probably do this manually, but if there&#039;s an asp page which could dynamically pull this out, then I could apply any style sheet to it.<BR><BR>Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

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    create an external style sheet to hold all your styles.<BR>within the external style sheet create all your styles as classes<BR>you can then apply the different class using your asp

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