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    Create a .dll in VB6 that performs an action on a recordset called from a SQL server database.<BR><BR>Execute this dll from ASP page and pass a parameter to the dll i.e. the name of the database.<BR><BR>On completeing it&#039;s action the dll notifies the asp page that it has completed its task.<BR><BR>What would happen if simultanious requests were given to the dll at the same time. E.g. mutiple database names? Is this possible or a threading issue?<BR><BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>

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    in the case of simultaneous access, each process would be accessing a new *instance* of the object, therefore there is no issue there.<BR><BR>ASP doesn&#039;t actually support events for notification purposes, but the metho could return a value....<BR><BR>j<BR>

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