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Thread: no stop of iis on registering new component

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    I have written an MTS compatible component - the problem with the regsvr32 method of registering stuff was that it always required either a reboot or stopping iis from the command prompt.<BR>Is there anyway of overwriting existing dlls in MTS without stopping IIS? - Im still having the same problem - i.e I still have to go to the command prompt. <BR>thanks :)<BR><BR><BR>

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    As far as I know, this is the only way.<BR><BR>If you have multiple sites running on the server, but don&#039;t want to bring them all down when you replace a DLL which only one IIS application uses, you may consider moving that application to running in its own memory space (an isolated application).<BR><BR>This will mean you can simply right-click the site in question, go to "Home Directory" and then click "Unload" to unload the DLL from memory.<BR><BR>Obviously, this is not a long-term situation. IIS performs much better when the application is in pooled memory.<BR><BR>Anyway, this doesn&#039;t *really* make it much easier from your point of view. Basically, develop on a server where doing this isn&#039;t too much of a problem, and then move up to the live server when the DLL doesn&#039;t need any tinkering with.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    &nbsp;<BR>This might (not) be useful to you, but windows scripting components (WSC) can used, "unregistered", on the fly, via your asp. This item explains how:<BR><BR><BR>--<BR>"The GetObject function can be used to create an instance of an unregistered script component in the following manner: <BR><BR>var objComp = GetObject("script:&#060;path&#062;NameOf.Component "); // in JScript "<BR>--<BR>I found this (and wsc&#039;s) to be pretty neat stuff.<BR>Having just started to look at components for a project, i found wsc&#039;s a viable alt for some of my code that 1) i don&#039;t care about others viewing, code-wise, and 2) might need to be altered frequently, making recompilation and reregistering and stopping-n-starting iis a big hassle.<BR><BR>.rob adams<BR>

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