I have a large table (68000 records) that contains UK localities and their respective 6 digit grid reference. I have created a query to calculate the distance to these localities from a grid reference the user inputs him or herself. To calculate the distance a new field was created with the following expression:<BR><BR>Distance: Sqr((Left([2000 Whole Table]![GRID1],3)-Left([Forms]![Form1]![GridRef],3))*(Left([2000 Whole Table]![GRID1],3)-Left([Forms]![Form1]![GridRef],3))+(Mid([2000 Whole Table]![GRID1],4,3)-Mid([Forms]![Form1]![GridRef],4,3))*(Mid([2000 Whole Table]![GRID1],4,3)-Mid([Forms]![Form1]![GridRef],4,3)))<BR><BR>What I&#039;d like to do now is filter out records that are have a distance larger than a figure that the user also inputs. eg. User types in Grid reference and then 100 and all the records that have a distance larger than 100 are filtered out.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to put in <BR><BR>&#060; Forms![Form1]![distance] <BR><BR>in the criteria of this distance field. However I get an error message stating that the expression is typed incorrectly or that it is too complex to be evaluated<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>