Why _vti_cnf??

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Thread: Why _vti_cnf??

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    Default Why _vti_cnf??

    Hello to all<BR>What is use of folder _vti_cnf<BR>Why web server create this folder automatically and copys all<BR>asp/html/images files in it<BR>What is the logic behind this<BR>I am new to ASP please help me<BR>Thanks

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    Default dont bother...

    or it will make ur website unusuable at times. _vti_cnf is a folder that holds the administrative information about each and every fle of ur website and so it is hidden by nature.so just leave it...frontpage/interdev/iis create them automatically when u create the projects.there are other folders also like _vti_bin,_vti_pvt,_vti_txt,_vti_log each of them serving diferent purposes.

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