I have a recordset that I would like to transform into report form. I have all of the information I need, and would prefer to just transform it using ASP instead of going back to the SQL server to get the info. Here is the recordset i have:<BR><BR>CompanyA 2-Business Day 5.0<BR>CompanyA 3-Business Day 7.0<BR>CompanyA Ground Shipping 82.0<BR>CompanyA Next Day 6.0<BR>CompanyB 2-Business Day 5.0<BR>CompanyB 3-Business Day 5.0<BR>CompanyB Ground Shipping 80.0<BR>CompanyB International Air 3.0<BR>CompanyB Next Day 7.0<BR>CompanyC 2-Business Day 9.0<BR>CompanyC 3-Business Day 9.0<BR>CompanyC Ground Shipping 79.0<BR>CompanyC Next Day 3.0<BR><BR>This basically represents three different customers and the percentage of how they ship there packages. I would like a report that gave me the information in the following form.<BR><BR><BR>Company PercentGround PercentNextDay Percent2Day Percent3Day<BR><BR>Not all companies ship all methods. Is there a way to transform what I have into what I need using a loop of somekind? Thanks!