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    I am setting up a MySQL database for our online store. Customers have a huge list of products they can buy from. How would you suggest I set the table up? Do I add a new row for each product the customer buys? It would obviously be very inefficient to have a column for each product. Any other ways? Also, would I set this up in just one table or would multiple tables be more efficent? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks - Trevor Hartman

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    Your would probably have the following tables:<BR><BR>Product(ProdID, Desc, UnitPrice)<BR><BR>Orders(OrderID, OrderDate, CustID, Comments)<BR>OrderLines(OrderID, OrderLine, Qty, UnitCost)<BR><BR>Customers(CustID, Name, Address, Town, State, Country, Zip)<BR><BR>Note that I have duplicated the UnitPrice in the OrderLines table. This is because the price of a product may change. So when the product is added to an order you capture the current price. You may also need to add fields for tax, and postage and handling.

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