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    Amy Friends Guest

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    I have a "search results" ASP page where we show the criteria a user had entered into the query page (the previous page in the application) listed in a table above the actual records returned. There are currently two categories of search criteria, and right now, it&#039s designed so that if the user hasn&#039t entered anything in the second category, none of the labels for that category show up (to save visual space). <BR> <BR>However, my problem is that I don&#039t know how to hide the heading of the category ("Holdings") IF NONE of the criteria in that category were entered - each individual criteria is only shown if len&#062;0, but how do I hide the heading if all the criteria in that section are unselected?<BR><BR>Thanks!!<BR>Amy

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    Amy Friends Guest

    Default VB script on separate lines? Was: RE: If/then resp

    Well, I think I got it (a very long OR), but a question arose from it. I have something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;% If ((len(variable)&#062;0) OR (len(variable)&#062;0) OR (len(variable)&#062;0)....) Then %&#062;<BR>&#060;table&#062; blah blah blah<BR>&#060;/table&#062;<BR>&#060;% End If %&#062;<BR><BR>What ends up happening is that I have a dozen variables, and it only seems to work if they&#039re all on the same line - is there a trick to get them to work if some are on separate lines? It makes for very hard-to-read code right now...<BR><BR>TIA!<BR><BR>Amy

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default RE: VB script on separate lines? Was: RE: If/then

    One of the little things which sometimes appears but I haven&#039t actually seen documented is the _ line splitter. For example...<BR><BR>myArray = array(_<BR> array(1, "Aardvark"), _<BR> array(2, "J. Doe"), _<BR> array(3, "Jay Dough"), _<BR> array(4, "Q") _<BR> )<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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