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    I have a form. I have textboxes (name, address, ss#, etc). I want to have an ADD ROW button, to add addition rows if users want to add more people. I also want to capture those vaues and enter it into the database with one run to the database. Anyone have ideas on this??

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    Default Please stick to your original thread

    This is still the same thing

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    Your button can redirect to the same page, sending the number of rows in a queryString.<BR><BR>So when you make your table of textboxes, you do it in a for next loop, naming the textboxes appororiately like:<BR><BR>name1&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;address1&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;ss1<BR>name2&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;address2 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ss2<BR>name3&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ad dress3&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ss3<BR><BR>etc.

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