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    I have recently created a website that runs on a Microsoft Access database. The website is already crashing due to "too many client tasks" and I want to switch it to SQL Server. I do not own the program, but my hosting company does and can switch my website to SQL server. The question I have is, how do I do it? I know that I do not need to have SQL Server on my computer, because the tables can be created remotely. <BR><BR>So, how do I do it? What is the easiest way to create the tables (or to convert them from Access) without buying lots of expensive software for my home computer?<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch for your advice!<BR><BR>Edward Stoever

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    Default Have your web host....

    Create the new SQL Server database for you, but they don&#039;t need to create any of the user table. (The Access tables that you want to upsize)<BR><BR>After they have created the database, open Access, and on hte File menu, choose "New", and then "Project (Existing Database)". Use the connection information that your web host gives you to connect to your new SQL Server database, and once you are connected, right click on the tables window, and choose "Import" from the list of options. Navigate to the Access database, pick the tables that you want to import to your SQL Server database, and viola! There you have it.

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