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    Dear All, <BR><BR>I have been trying to find a decent way of detecting a users origin - for quite some time. <BR><BR>I did previously look at doing reverse DNS lookups, but this is far too resource hungry. <BR><BR>Now I know that the method below is not 100%, but if it&#039;s good enough for Expedia, it&#039;s good enough for me. <BR><BR>This is what I found when I went to earlier: <BR><BR>Are you sure that you want to go to Expedia&#039;s U.S. site? We discovered that your Internet Explorer language setting is set to British English. If you live in the UK and have a UK delivery address you will not be able to purchase air tickets from Expedia&#039;s U.S. site. BLAH BLAH BLAH! <BR><BR>Now, the bit that is bugging me is - how do I replicate their method? Also, what about other browsers? <BR><BR>Your input is greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Happy Coding - James Andrews

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    Please do not post the same question twice in a short amount of time.<BR><BR>There is an article on this in the FAQ, which I urge you to read.<BR><BR>I will reply to your OTHER post.<BR><BR>Craig.

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