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    hi <BR>In one of my application i wanted to fetch all the recordset from database table and want to show it in my page in reverse order that is from the last rec to first record<BR>Even though i have written <BR><BR>rs.Open "select * from dquestions",conn,adOpenDynamic<BR> set rs=conn.execute("Select * from dquestions")<BR><BR>it is giving me error<BR>Rowset does not support fetching backward. <BR><BR>Any suggestion where still i need to change<BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>

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    Why not get it out the DB in reverse error, this has a lot less overhead then opening a recordset that supports movefirst/last and order it in your VBS code. <BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM dquestions ORDER BY datecolumn DESC" <BR>Replace &#039;datecolumn&#039; whith your own column.

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