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Thread: get the first record of the week

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    Default get the first record of the week

    Need some asp/sql help.<BR><BR>I have a table which contains a date field. I need to write a query that will return the first record that was entered in the current week.<BR><BR>I dont know how to get the date of the first day of the current week using ASP.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    Default Go through the posts on Fri

    there was a thread where i posted mentioning how i get the Mon of week.<BR><BR>oh hell might as well give it to you<BR><BR>PrevMonday = DateAdd("d", "-" & Weekday(Now(),2) - 1, Now()) <BR><BR>this will give you the monday and then you will select from your db where date = this date and the top one or somethign liek that.<BR><BR>

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    Default Added to that...

    Here&#039;s a link that will show you how to munge other Dates...<BR><BR>

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