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    Hi, <BR><BR>I&#039;m working on a content mangement system for a website. <BR>This CMS can update pressreleases on that website. <BR>But my clients wants to copy and paste the pressreleases from word, because else they&#039;ll have to type everything all over again.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my problem :<BR>I&#039;ve created an rich text edit object in HTML (A standard one, like Hotmail uses). This way my clients can make up there text and can use some rich text options.<BR>But when they copy and paste from word, office sends along this crapy code beheind the scenes. It lookes ok in ie 5 , but in netscape, ie &#060;4 it looks like nothing.<BR><BR>Is there a way I can remove ALL tags, so it&#039;&#039;s just plain tekst it copies, so my clients can make up the tekst using the richt text objects?<BR><BR>And what about using tables from word to html?. Is there an asp code for wicht works in IE and Netscape?.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Sander Boulogne

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    Dear Sander Boulgne,<BR><BR>First understand this that asp code have nothing to do with IE and Netscape..... asp .cfm .cgi they all rendered in server side first and than plain HTML code is sent to browser. <BR><BR>you may experience problems using client side scripting or Active X control that Netscape don&#039;t support. but I am sure your asp code doesn&#039;t bother Netscape.<BR><BR>have a very happy coding.<BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR>A.Ali<BR>a

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