Hi guys and gals,<BR><BR>I have a quick query in regards to hidden form values. I am using ASPUpload to allows user to upload documents onto the server. I have in brief noted the structure of how the form is submitted and the problems I am having.<BR><BR>User Selects Option -&#062; Directed to a form where they type in their details -&#062; After hitting the submit button they are directed to the upload form -&#062; All variables from the first page are carried onto the second page(upload form) with the help of hidden values -&#062; user selects file to upload -&#062; hits submit and the file is uploaded.<BR><BR>The problem:<BR>1) I wish to have the details of the first form together with the name of the file to be carried on after the they have successfully uploaded the file. The reason being is that ASPUpload isn&#039;t very good at handling SQL Schema and Entry Hence I have my own code. Hence I thought I would redirect the users once the upload function has ended however with a querystring. Hence my next question:<BR><BR>2)How can I have response.redirect send the user to the next page with a querystring;<BR><BR><BR>3)How can I carry on the hidden values to the third form?<BR><BR>I do really hope someone can help. I need this done urgently. Thanks.