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Thread: server.createobject(ADODB.Connection)

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    Default server.createobject(ADODB.Connection)

    In one of the books author has mentioned that server.createobject(ADODB.Connection) calls ODBC or OLEDB based on provider mentioned in connection string.<BR><BR>In another book author has mentioned that ADO always goes to OLEDB.<BR><BR>I&#039;m little bit confused here. How do I know whether ADODB.Connections calls ODBC or OLEDB ?

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    depends on the connectionstring. if you use DSNs or a driver string, you&#039;re calling ODBC, which in turn uses OLEDB. if you use an OLEDB connectionstring, you call OLEDB directly, avoiding the ODBC layer. this method is the most efficient of the three.<BR><BR>ADO is the package containing all this data access technology<BR><BR>j<BR>

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