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    I think most of you use MTS to instantiate COM objects. I have one basic doubt about MTS. MTS aborts the transaction if one of the transaction fails. I&#039;m trying to understand this logic. Consider I have 2 com objects com1.dll and com2.dll. My ASP page calls some method in com1.dll and then calls some method in com2.dll. I was wondering whether MTS aborts method in com1.dll if method in com2.dll fails. I really appreciate some response.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    If everything is being ran as ONE transaction then EVERYTHING should get aborted, but if you have MULTIPLE transactions going on, only the transcation when the bad code is going to get aborted. <BR><BR>So to awnser your question MTS will abort method in com1.dll if method in com2.dll fails if it is all being ran as one transaction.

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