Hi all<BR><BR>I have this line of script below which basically displays an image by pulling the name of the file out of a database. I have sent it up that there are multiple images on the thumbnail page with a link to rodie_T0ShowPic.asp but only one image is displayed on rodie_T0ShowPic.asp<BR><BR>The link is set up so that the image will open up into a new window with a "close window" button. Does any one know how to set up the ASP script that will display the image in the new window, remembering that the filename came from a recordset on the thumbnail page.<BR><BR>Response.Write ("&#060;a href=""rodie_T0ShowPic.asp?") & Rs14("FileNames2") & (""" target=""_blank""&#062;&#060;img src=""..images\") & Rs14("FileNames2") & (""" width=""100"" height=""100"" alt=""Alternate View 1"" border=""0""&#062;&nbsp;")<BR><BR>Thank you in advance<BR><BR>Augusto