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    Am I just suffering from post-celebratory brain-haze? See what you think:<BR>I have two "submit" buttons with the same name. I want to validate the form (on the client) when either of these is clicked, and stop the submission if the form entries are not valid.<BR>If I instead use "button" as the INPUT TYPE then I cannot refer to them by NAME in the page to which the form is submitted when the form entries ARE valid.<BR>In the page to which the form submits I refer to the them like this:<BR>request("btGo"),<BR>where btGo is the NAME of both the buttons on the form.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Trying giving the buttons IDs and NAMEs, J(ava)Script sometimes prefers IDs to NAMEs.

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    Thanks, but I&#039ve decided it&#039s better in this case to use server-side validation.

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