&nbsp;<BR>I am having a problem with the split function. Specifically, when I use the @CODEPAGE directive for Unicode, I get an error otherwise it works ok with the same code.<BR><BR><BR>I have the codepage set as follows:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript CodePage=65001%&#062; <BR>&#060;%Session.CodePage = 65001%&#062; <BR><BR>Then when I use the split function with some unicode characters in it, I get a &#039;unterminated string constant&#039; error. This is the call to the split function:<BR><BR>status_maint = Split("0;ÚÇÏ*;1;Ý* ÇáÕ*ÇäÉ", ";")<BR><BR>If I remove the codepage directive, the above code works ok. What should I do? I need different character sets in my page, that&#039;s why I am using Unicode as other character sets limit you to one particular set. Specifically, I need to use Greek characters and allow the users to input them in textareas for scientific equations, etc. and with Unicode, I can allow this nicely.<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards,<BR>