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    Ihave a few questions about browers supporting cookies as well as IE6 cookie settings. <BR><BR>IE6<BR>------------<BR>If anyone has had a look at IE6, you should notice it has a new function under the tab menu called "Privacy" where users are have the option of selecting the acceptance of cookies. My query is that *** is "Blocks third-party cookies that do not have a compact privacy policy". If I do want IE6 to accept cookies, how do I place "a compact privacy policy" or create one.<BR><BR>The next question what&#039;s the best way to check if the user&#039;s browsers accepts cookies as well as supports cookies.<BR><BR>sup

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    Yeah I panicked when I saw the &#039;blocks all third party cookies&#039; thing too. And by default nonetheless! But, don&#039;t worry. That just means that if your domain tries to give or read a cookie from another domain, it won&#039;t work. So basically all of you cookies will work as long as you are using them all on your site.<BR><BR>What IE6 is doing is supporting a soon to be web standard called P3P. Look it up on MSDN. There are a few articles on it and even a little app that creats the necessary files for you.<BR><BR>The best way to check if a browser will accept a cookie is try and give them one. So on one page attempt the cookie. On the second page check if they have it. If they don&#039;t then they have cookies turned off. If they do then its all good my friend!

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