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    hi all <BR> i want to write cookies for particular hours only see the code <BR><BR> Response.Cookies("Test") = "Y"<BR> Response.Cookies("Test").Expires = dateadd("h",2,now())<BR> <BR> but in the cookies folder on local machine with win98 operating system it will not shown any cookies entry<BR> but it will shwing in the windowsNT4.0 workstation/server<BR> why so<BR><BR> and the cookies not expire as i difined the date above it will set but not expires after 2 hour.....<BR> <BR> plz help<BR>

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    have you checked your browser settings on Win98. Does it accept cookies?<BR><BR>what do you mean after 2 hours? Do you want the cookies to expire to expire after 2 hours or does it expire within 2 hours.<BR><BR>

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