Could anyone tell me what this error could be?<BR><BR>*************************************** ******************<BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80040e21&#039; <BR><BR>You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression &#039;gmUserID&#039; as part of an aggregate function. <BR><BR>/groups/groupAMembers.asp, line 167 <BR>********************************************** ***********<BR><BR>Select gmUserID, MAX(gmGroupID) as gmGroupID, Date, MAX(gmID) as gmID, MAX(username) as username, MAX(fname) as fname, MAX(lname) as lname, MAX(email) as email, MAX(gmStatus) as status, MAX(gmUserType) as gmUserType From (groupmembers gm INNER JOIN users us ON gm.gmUserID = us.dbid) WHERE gmGroupID = " & gID & " AND gmStatus = 1 GROUP by gmUserType, gmDate