A PDF document from a 128 bit encrypted SSL web server doesn&#039;t open in a Client Machine as it does with a unsecured web server.<BR><BR>Our current setup has a production server with 128 bit encrypted SSL and have the entire web pages except for the PDFs. The PDF pages are directed to our development server which is not encrypted and not secured. The process of PDF generation is as explained below:<BR><BR>The ASP requests a COM object for the PDF, which in turn generates a PDF document, saves it temporarily at the server and then reads the temporarily stored PDF and sends it to back the ASP as a binary data. Using BinaryWrite, the ASP loads up the PDF document to the client.<BR><BR>The above process works well under http://... conditions but doesn&#039;t under https://... condition. We need the PDF to be available on the production server, which is https://...<BR><BR>There are situations experienced like... a link <BR><BR> http://www.domain.com/sample.pdf<BR><BR>opens well in a client machine. (Development server)<BR><BR>But the same pdf in a different link<BR><BR> https://www.domain.com/sample.pdf<BR><BR>doesn&#039;t open up in the same client machine - but asks for file download. (Production server)<BR><BR>We have to take up the PDF files to the secured production server instead of the unsecured development server. Any help in this regard would be very highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Sekhar.<BR>sekh ar@postmark.net<BR>_______________________________ __________________________________