I&#039m trying to use the HTM/IDQ/HTX approach to creating a search function for my company&#039s intranet, which runs on IIS 4.0. <BR><BR>Being a user of FrontPage, I&#039m aware of it&#039s search component, but it&#039s way to restrictive in the way it works and looks -- my goal is to provide a small text field on the default page so users can initiate a search without having to go any deeper into the site.<BR><BR>I&#039ve "heard" there are weird requirements that must be met to get the three files to work together, such as the .idq file needing to reside in a virtual directory on the Web server, and the .htx file needing to be saved in a folder named "derived", which must be a subfolder of the one which contains the initial .htm (form gui) file...seems to me the only thing missing is that I should sprinkle magic dust on my monitor. <BR><BR>I&#039ve looked all over for definitive info on this, and to my surprise and chagrin it&#039s not very forthcoming. What I have found is volumes of info on iis, .idq, .htm, and .htx that doesn&#039t specifically address a detailed, step-by-step procedure necessary to create this thing. <BR><BR>That&#039s it in a nutshell, thanks to all who respond.<BR>