Hello Everyone and thanks for your help in advance. I was hoping I could pick your brain on something. I am developing a web application for my wife&#039;s medical practice which will store various articles and informational pieces. I am wanting to make these documents searchable and am considering storing them in a SQL Server database. My problem is how achieve the formatting. Ideally, I am wanting to deliver a formatting similar to the following page:<BR><BR> http://www.thedotnetmag.com/magazine/features/bn0901/page3.asp <BR><BR>I am not sure that the above example is database driven but I suspect it is. I also know that ASP Today is database driven and allows for formatting within the articles. On the first example, I see that each article allows the embedding of graphics and other types of formatting (bolding, bulleting, hyperlinks). I also see that the articles allow for a type of page break. One of my thoughts was to store the articles within the table in HTML format, but I am not sure how effective this will be. Another idea would be to store the articles in flat HTML files and let Index Server perform the searches, but this allows me less control on the search results. Any input would be enormously appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.