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Thread: Sorting Date/Time in SQL/Oracle DB

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    strSQL="select A.c_remarks, A.d_updatedate, A.c_updatetime, A.c_updatebyid, A.c_updatebyname, B.c_status, C.c_phase " & _<BR> "from rfsupdates A, phasestatus B, phases C where A.n_rfstrack = " & sqlStr(Session("ActiveRFS")) & " and A.n_status = B.n_id " & _<BR> "and A.n_phase = C.n_id order by A.d_updatedate desc, A.c_updatetime desc"<BR><BR>The code above sorts date correctly, however, in the time sort, AM times are sorted before PM times within the same date. We want to get today&#039s date, 2:03 PM to sort before today&#039s date 7:04 AM. Is this possible and if it is, how?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    I&#039m just a newbie but:<BR>Use the ascending on the c_updatetime field?<BR><BR>A.c_updatetime asc

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