Hi .. i have placed the following ASP code into my .asp page<BR>It is the standard code for parsing an xml file.<BR><BR>But when i run the script i get the error <BR>********************************************** <BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01a8&#039; <BR><BR>Object required <BR><BR>/housescape/xmlparse.asp, line 50 <BR>********************************************** *<BR>note: line50 is = for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes<BR>**************************** *******************<BR><BR>here is the code......<BR>set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR><BR>xmldoc.asy nc = false<BR><BR>&#039;Path of XML file<BR>xmldoc.load(server.MapPath("hh.xml"))<BR>< BR>set xmlRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement<BR><BR>for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes<BR> i = 0<BR> for each xmlNode in xmlPNode.ChildNodes<BR> myArray(i) = xmlNode.text<BR> &#039;response.write(myArray(i) <BR>************************<BR><BR>what is this object required ?<BR><BR>any ideas?<BR><BR>cheers<BR> <BR> i = i + 1<BR> next