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    Hi, I wonder if there is anyway to know who is connected to a page. I mean, I have a site in wich I&#039;d like to know who&#039;s working in a specific moment, am I able to know the many diferent values that are stored in a Session variable???. I already have a users counter within the global.asa, and I supose that if there&#039;s a way, this must be something like this.<BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>

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    hi,<BR>Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") will give u the page name and from session u can get the user id .What u have to do is insert these values in a database table and the third column should be &#039;TIMESTAMP&#039;.So from this table u can see what u want,but it may overload the system as in each and every file u will be having database transaction.think over it!!!!<BR><BR>

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