Hi,<BR><BR>I found a problem when trying to publish an Office Web Component chart using data source name in my server, over the Internet. But, over the LAN, there is no problem. When people on the Internet want to see the chart in their client machine, they receive a message saying that the data source file cannot be found and the absolute path, e.g. C:gcdbnogcdbno.mdb<BR><BR>I made the path to that file relative to the server machine. <BR><BR>What can I do?<BR><BR>If you want to have go yourself, follow that (assuming you have OWC in your machine):<BR><BR>www.gemcomoz.com.au<BR><BR>ASP Demo button<BR><BR>Existing user<BR><BR>1) Login as:<BR><BR>Username: daves<BR>Password: aspdaves<BR><BR>2) Select Polygons,<BR>a- Attributes<BR>b- Cu%<BR>c- 2175B25 and Packet is all right<BR>d- Choose Display Options<BR>e- Display Charts<BR><BR>And see the error message.<BR><BR>This is part of the .asp file which calls the OWC chart:<BR><BR>x:Connection&#062;Provider=Microsoft .Jet.OLEDB.4.0;User ID=Admin;Data Source=GCDBNOGCDBNO.mdb <BR><BR>GCDNNO.MDB is a System DSN in the ODBC Admin. It resides in the server.<BR> <BR>Please, any advice will be helpful. At the moment I am a bit frustrated with that.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot for your time.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>