I&#039;m setting up a database for a music company, to store (among other things) information about products that are for sale. My difficulty is that each category of products has drasticly different sets of information to be stored about those products. For example, some products are CDs, which require fields like what songs are on it, date recorded, location recorded, etc. Other products are t-shirts, which don&#039;t need those fields, but do need fields like size and color. What would be a good way to set this up?<BR><BR>I was thinking to make different tables for products of each type, to store different sets of info that relate only to those products. I would also have a general products table to store universal stuff like sku&#039;s, quantity available, price, etc. But then what would be the best way to link these tables?<BR><BR>If you know of any good overview articles on this subject, please direct me there!<BR><BR>Thanks!