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    I have a function with the admin part of my site that is working for me, but I believe the flow of it is designed quite badly. I was wondering if I could get some input on how I could improve it.<BR><BR>The function of the pages is to fill an order that has been placed on the site. The first page lists all of the unfilled orders. The user selects the order to fill and the presses submit.<BR><BR>On the next page the users is queried to how many boxes it took to fill the order. For our purposes lets assume the user says 2.<BR><BR>Now I know that the two pages I described before could be easily combined, and that is probably what I&#039;m going to do first. The next page then creates the boxes within my database by loopin from 1 to the number of boxes.. The boxes are referred to by the order number followed by a hyphen and then the box number. (ex: 5082-1, 5082-2) A loop is also run that displays text boxes -- box type, tracking number, shipping cost, number of items in the box. These are shown for each box. So if two boxes are used for the order 8 text boxes will be displayed.<BR><BR>This is where one of the major problems is. If the user for some reason does not fill out this form and submit it, and later goes and tries to fill the order again, there is a primary-key violation because the boxes have already been created.<BR><BR>When the users does submit this page, the appropriate info is added to the database. Is there a way I could consolidate this down to 1 or 2 pages. Right now I&#039;m converting all of the pages to use stored procedures, and would like to tighten everything up.<BR><BR>Thanks for any input!

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    Couple of ideas:<BR>1. Don&#039;t create the database record until they have submitted the data - that way, if they don&#039;t fill in the data, there won&#039;t be a key violation.<BR><BR>2. Use client-side javascript (or server side ASP) to ensure that data exists in the text boxes you create to ensure that a blank record is not created.<BR>

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