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    Default Help with this Error - MSWC.Adrotator error '

    I am attempting to set up a banner ad rotation system using MS&#039; Ad Rotator whatever. But I get the following Error so far:<BR><BR>MSWC.Adrotator error &#039;80004005&#039; -<BR> ERROR Cannot load rotation schedule file<BR><BR>Why can&#039;t it load the file? The file path is valid, and the file exists. I am running my page on I do not think they are restricting my ASP access, I don&#039;t know what the problem is. The Page URL is at <BR><BR><BR>ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT AND HAVE A KNOWLEDGE OF ASP REPLY.<BR><BR>I am sick of posting on a board and having some lame who knows nothing of what they are talking about try to remedy my problem. I can supply the source on demand, it&#039;s just the basic code. Nothing special at all. Not even any HTML in it, hell I am using an example from the book, "ASP in a Nutshell". Pretty good book, actually.<BR><BR>Thanks to anyone who replies to this, I appreciate your time.<BR>Chris<BR><BR>

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    Default ok, so i will be specific as to what i know!!!

    will this help&#062;?<BR><BR><BR>the above url does say something about the error number that u have got, reading it i found that asp is not able to understand the contents of the can u check whether u can given an extra line,space,or somehing like that why i say is that, the txt file for the adrotaer will NOT WORK even if there is a very small error.

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