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Thread: Can't find Application-level Dictionary compo

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    Default Can't find Application-level Dictionary compo

    I have read all over the place about the dangers of using a Dictionary object at application scope... So, I wouldn&#039;t dare do it!<BR><BR>All across the web, I have seen articles on this topic that refer to two alternatives, Microsoft&#039;s Lookup Table component, and Caprock&#039;s Dictionary component. The links to each of these are dead, dead, dead...<BR><BR>Is there anywhere a guy can find either one of these components out here in the real world? Or are these components outdated somehow? I have a situation where an application-level dictionary object would be kickin&#039; (I think). I can provide more info if someone would like to suggest an alternative.<BR><BR>As always, thanks!

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    Default Could always create your own...

    ...using plain old VBScript, in fact.<BR><BR>Just use an array and a hashing function. That&#039;s all the dictionary object is, after all.<BR><BR>However...I read something just last week (don&#039;t remember where, but *probably* in one of the forums here) about Caprock. That somebody was using it successfully. You might try searching the forums here for "Caprock".<BR><BR>But building a hashtable in VBS isn&#039;t *that* hard to do... Hmmm...<BR><BR>

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