I have a Access 2000 application that I do a DoCmd.SendObject on the on_click event of a button. I get first a popup:<BR>A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf.<BR>Do you want to allow this?<BR><BR>If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose "No". <BR>So I know this is knew with Outlook 2000 security I guess. I then hit Yes to send and it does send the message. The next time I click the button I don&#039;t get prompted with the security warning and the send email does not complete. I have to shut the application down and reenter to do it again. It always works the first time. Any idea what the problem is. My code is simply this:<BR><BR>lsEMailAddress = Trim(Email)<BR>lsSubject = "Order notification"<BR>lsMessage = "Message Text is fairly long passed from variable"<BR>DoCmd.SendObject , , , lsEMailAddress, , , lsSubject, lsMessage, False<BR>MsgBox "Order Sent to Customer"<BR><BR>&#039;First time through it hits the send object command and prompts me with warning next time through it goes right to the Message Box and does not send anything.