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    Default Please Help, I apologize if this is in the wrong f

    Hi,<BR>Hope someone can help, I don&#039;t know where else to look. I&#039;ve designed a website where I have many pages of tables with dollars and totals. It becomes very tedious when I have a change in one of the amounts on all pages and I have to change not only the amount, but also the total. For example..In Excel by using the code =sum(A1:A99)in Row 100, I can have the total change and display automatically in Row 100. I want to use the same concept on my website, but have no idea where to begin. Can this type of "program" be written in ASP, PERL, or JAVA? If not what can this be written in? I know very little about programming (Q-basic), yet when I put my mind to something computer related I usually can figure it out. This is a project that I can complete within the next 5 months if need be. Could studying and completing tutorials on the net or using a program like dreamweaver ultraDev get my problem solved, or should I hire a programmer?<BR><BR>Thanks Alot..<BR>Any help is very appreciated<BR>

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    yes, things like this CAN be written in server-side code. Grab yourself a decent book on ASP, some tutorials from the net and work hard! you&#039;ll be fine if you have 5 months to spare...<BR><BR>j

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    Default Actually, you don't need ASP...

    This can be done in good old-fashioned HTML, with of course the aid of some JavaScript in the browser. At least with MSIE, you can do this with even ordinary HTML tables (with Netscape 4.x, you&#039;d need to put the data into &#060;FORM&#062; fields, though you could make them non-editable if you needed to).<BR><BR>In fact, in some cases it is *better* to do it in the browser, as the user gets a faster response. It *really* depends on the *details* of what you want to do.<BR><BR>The other thing you can do is actually *maintain* your data in an Excel spreadsheet... And then use ASP to "publish" that data to the Web in HTML table form! And that&#039;s actually pretty easy (though figuring out to get Excel data from ASP can drive you batty at first! It&#039;s very non-intuitive. But once you do it the first time...).<BR><BR> the short answer is: LOTS of ways!<BR><BR>As MS would ask: Which way do you want to be confused today?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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