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    We have a data entry application in ASP that runs on IE5. One of our users is having problems with data bleeding from one data set to another. Is there anything besides the "tools, internet options, Temp Internet files, settings, Check for newer versions on every visit" that would prevent this bleeding?<BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    You may also look at the security tab in the same menu that you mentioned. There, you are able to set options for cookies/session variables and other options specifically. Depending on company policy, this section is sometimes disabled. <BR>I am having the same challenge. Please let me know if you learn anything more about this issue.<BR>todd.<BR><BR><BR>Another tip - there is an article in the coding tips section that talks about testing for browser cookie settings. This will not correct the problem but it will at least give you the ability to let the user know they are going to have problems with your application.

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    Although I cannot remember it offhand, there is an ASP technique that will prevent the page from being cashed altogether. If I was near a reference manual, I could tell you what it is, but...

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