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    Hi,<BR>Is there any reasonable formula to work out to what extend application arrays should be used with relation to how much ram your machine is running. <BR><BR>Trying to speed up our shopping site which receives around 13000 visitors a day in time for chrimbo. Obvioulsy turned all listbox menus and simple database queries to retrieve its contents from an application array but what about product descriptions (2000 of at average size of 514 characters)) from a stored array?<BR><BR>Cheers for any help. Read the FAQ`s about session variables being low intensity but would like to see how far I can push the use of RAM to increase performance and give my SQL machine a bit of a break.<BR><BR>ta,<BR><BR>P.

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    Default Check this<BR><BR>I don&#039;t think *anybody* will give you an more thorough answer.

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