After the user selects from the drop-down box, I need my ASP page to look-up data from related records (two fields relate to the primary keys of the records to get the data from). Any Ideas?<BR><BR>to refresh the memory...<BR>&#060;snip&#062;<BR>Hope this is a single post - couldn&#039;t find mine after originally posting. I have an ASP page that is looking up data from an Access database. A drop-down box is populated with a field from the records. I would like to add two boxes to display data that is updated when something is chosen from the drop down box. Two fields in each record relate to the primary key of some other records in the database, and I would like for a field from these records that match to be displayed in the additional boxes. I hope this makes some sense to some helpful guru out there. Thanks... <BR>&#060;end snip&#062;