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    Hello, On my site I have a login/register system. When a user is logged in they have cookies set and such to remember there login.<BR><BR>I would like to know if anyone can tell me how to do such a thing that will display all the current users on the site by first checking if they are registered, then determining that users name by checking the cookie, once the name is determined I need some way to store it (Database access won&#039;t work well). I know some work with global.asa has to be done here, and I heard you should use arrays but I have trouble with arrays, can anyone post an example or point me to a good link on this direct subject? Thanks!

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    hmm. storing in cookies is a machine dependent thing and so u cannot depend on them to track down users. but whenever a user logs in, u do access/create the cookie and set the value in them. so at that point of time u can manipulate an application type of array to hold the users[not a bright idea though]...<BR><BR>the best way as far as i see is that u can have a flag field in ur DB. Anyway u r going to cross check for the users&#039;s validity in the db, so if u found out the user to be valid, just update that user&#039;s flag field with "IN" and when he logsout with "OUT". So at any point of time u can get the list of people who have logged on.

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