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    can someone tell me how to validate a credit card number.?<BR>Any related website ?<BR><BR>cyo

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    You may need to spend a bit of money here if you are going to do it properly. There are some third-party providers of such services listed on the Microsoft website (mainly geared up for direct integration with Site Server&#039s Pipeline things). These are ideal if you want to simply get someone else to validate AND accept payment on your behalf (You may find that getting yourself authorised to accept credit card payments over the web is suprisingly difficult compared with getting approval for telephone orders)<BR><BR>If you simply want to check the validity of a credit card number, then you can probably do a basic check in ASP which simply calculates and verifies the check digit.<BR><BR>Most check digit systems operate using the Luhn algorithm, which is fairly simple. You will also need to know the type of card before you can validate it.<BR><BR>A useful webpage to look at would be<BR>This page lists the prefixes, lengths and algorithms for a variety of cards.<BR><BR>Hope that helps!<BR>

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