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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have compiled a component that adds records to SQL Server from an ASP form page. It works fine until I add ENCTYPE within the form tag. The reason I am adding this is to allow people rather than type in the path of the image but simply add it directly to the database along with the upload of the image to a specific folder. <BR><BR>Why would this be occuring. Why does the page not add any record when I add in ENCTYPE? Is there something I should reference within the component or declare.<BR><BR>The other problem I am having is that when I try and upload the image from the page it refuses to do so. However when I have 2 different pages it works fine. I even tried this method for the problem above but alas it fails.<BR><BR>I appreciate any help.<BR><BR>

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    Default hi trippy, im here again..

    ok, i use aspsmartupload component to upload files and images to my server by users. so in this case i need to include the ENCTYPE in my form.If i use this, then in my response asp pages, i need to get the form values NOT using the regular request.form("...") but the aspsmartuploadobject.form("..."). Only then u can retreive the form values.<BR><BR>so explain what componenet u r using?<BR><BR>in the form tag i use ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" and in the resultant asp page, i use<BR><BR>SET mySmartUpload = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartUpload.SmartUpload")< BR>mySmartUpload.AllowedFilesList = "gif,jpg,jpeg" <BR>mySmartUpload.DenyPhysicalPath = FALSE <BR>mySmartUpload.TotalMaxFileSize = 92160<BR>mySmartUpload.Upload<BR>intCount=0<BR><BR >ph1=trim(mySmartUpload.Form("ph1")) &#039;check this out, it is not request.form anymore....

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