the following is my open window function: <BR><BR>function SMWindow() <BR>{ <BR>var xwin=screen.height-200 <BR>var ywin=screen.width-200 <BR>popup = <BR><BR>"/hod/sessionmanager.asp","SM","height=50,width=50,top=" +eval(screen.height-170)+",left="+eval(screen.width-2 <BR><BR>00)+",screenx=xwin,screeny=ywin,status=no, menu=no,scrollbars=no,maximize=no"); <BR>} <BR><BR>First of all with IE 5.5 or greater the window will not maximize (that is my desired effect in this case). With IE 4 it allows it to maximize. So I added the code to specifically set it not to maximize. The very last parameter that I&#039;ve added is "maximize=no". Is my parameter incorrect, or is there another way to set a value so that older versions of IE wil not allow it to be maximized. <BR><BR>Hopefully this isn&#039;t just another bug of older versions of IE.