I am using a single connection string and I explicitly close all my connections with &#039;myConnection.Close()&#039;. ASP.net says the connection state is &#039;closed&#039; upon checking it but in SQL server the connection remains open and keeps adding connections everytime a connection is created and closed in an ASP.net Application. I have to save the web.config file in order for SQL server to drop the connection pool. If I do not, SQL server eventually gives errors back to ASP.net that the max connection pool has been reached. The following is my connnection string that is in the Web.Config file.<BR>&#060;add key="connectionString" value="server=cstd01;uid=ak1321;pwd=ak213123;datab ase=portal/&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried setting pooling=false and different variations of the connection string but nothing seems to physically remove the connection pool from SQL server. Please advise. I think ADO.net has a bug?