Hi,<BR>following Problem:<BR>I got a webfrontend for any text at my site and want to translate it into Japanese. I use the MS IME to input Japanese characters in (i believe) Unicode. The Browser can send them. If I use request.form and the browser is set to display Japanese it will work. if I use server.htmlencode the chars will be encoded in ASCII but not as the correct kanji but as a "," If I use a ADODB.Connection to write the input into the database the chars that reach the database are the ASCII versions and not the Japanese chars. If i directly input my stuff into the table via the enterprise manager there is no problem. to display i use server.htmlencode and it will produce correct ASCII numbers.<BR><BR>TEST Hiragana: ‚*‚¦‚¢‚¨‚¤<BR><BR>You can see here that this form also transfers some chars i did input with the MS IME<BR><BR>yours<BR>Kars-T<BR>www.plamo.de