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    I have a folder on my server where I keep MP3s of my own song creations. I have always had to make the names of these files have no spaces so that Netscape could understand how to get to them through an href. However, I now want to have the files in the directory the same way I would keep them on my own computer. That way I don&#039;t have to change the names of the files for the web.<BR><BR>I tried using the server.URLencode method to figure out what I had to name these files in the href, but the string didn&#039;t work in Explorer.<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR>Let say have a Song called "A Real Good Woman.asp"<BR>the URLcode method converts it to:<BR>A+Real+Good+Woman%2Emp3<BR>but that doesn&#039;t work for Internet Explorer.<BR><BR>Is there a universal way that all browsers accept, and how do I convert it?

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    hmm, i think using urlencde will not solve the problem and where ever i have seen the mp3 in action, i have not seen the filename to have those spaces or invalid characters. <BR><BR>what i would suggest is that, u do maintain the way u have done before. wil keep posted if there is any other way out

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