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    Gero Bazant Guest

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    I have a text field containing different categories, such as: red, green, blue, etc. If I want to ask for all the records containing "red" in this field, shouldn&#039t the sql look something like this:<BR>sql = "SELECT * FROM tblCategory WHERE tblCategory.[Category] LIKE %" & cat & "%"<BR>(=&#062; cat = Request.Form("cat"))<BR>However, it doesn&#039t work... Please help...

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    Gero Bazant Guest

    Default RE: SQL question > RETRACTION!

    Aside from the fact that I forgot the "&#039" when I entered the SQL statement into my question (it should have read:<BR>LIKE &#039%" & cat & "%&#039")<BR>it finally ended up working when I figured out that I was messing with the wrong connection...<BR>Sorry for wasting your time--but maybe it did help someone...

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